Escape to a Luxury Tree House Retreat in Devon

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Treehouse Holidays Uk With Hot Tub

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Treehouse upper deck with daylight ambiance in Devon
Cosy treehouse interior with cinema screen in downstairs area
Night-time exterior image of a luxury treehouse with a hot tub lit up
Devon treehouse: Upper deck basking in daytime sunshine.
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Welcoming front exterior of a treehouse nestled in Devon
Picturesque treehouse exterior in Devon, enhanced with a warm hot tub.
Idyllic front view of a Devon treehouse, with a bubbling hot tub awaiting guests.
Tranquil treehouse setting in Devon, front view showcasing a hot tub for relaxation.


Experience the Magic of our Treehouse Holidays

Nestled in the serene Devon countryside, our luxury treehouse retreat is a hidden gem on the edge of a peaceful valley. Tucked away amidst your very own private woodland, Sunridge Treehouse is an enchanting haven that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

As a base to explore the stunning
South Hams, our Devon Treehouse is unrivalled. But it’s not just its location that makes it so special. With contemporary open-plan living, a state-of-the-art German kitchen and all modern amenities, our treehouse is designed to offer you the ultimate comfort.

Relax in the fully equipped kitchen and dining area while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surrounding woodland through bi-fold doors that let in the refreshing outdoors. With
underfloor heating to keep you cosy and a vintage log-burning stove for chillier nights, our treehouse is the perfect year-round getaway.

For casual entertainment, venture into our
snug area, complete with a slightly smaller 3D screen, Dolby Atmos sound, and a projector for immersive viewing experiences. This space also features a wooden dining table and four comfy chairs, ensuring you can relax or dine in style. For those seeking a dedicated cinematic experience, our special treehouse cinema room offers a more immersive atmosphere, boasting top-tier equipment and plush seating.

Step outside onto the spacious, two-tier veranda to immerse yourself in nature. Grill dinner on the ninja barbecue and savour the ever-changing views of the shimmering golden
carp fishing lake. Our private fishing lake is exclusively for our Sunridge Treehouse, Sunridge Lodge & Sunridge Geodome guests.

Fitness fanatics will be delighted to discover our compact
gym, equipped to ensure you don't miss a workout session, even while indulging in nature.

And what’s a
luxury treehouse experience without a 5-person sensory hot tub? Great for kids and adults alike, our bespoke mood-lit hot tub with adjustable jets provides the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Simply relax and let the warm, bubbling water work its magic on your body and mind under the star-specked, Devon-dark night sky.

Sunridge Treehouse, we are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is unforgettable. Although your visit may only last a few days, we guarantee that your memories of Sunridge will stay with you forever.

Our Devon luxury treehouse getaway with
hot tub is located close to Salcombe Coast and Dartmoor National Park. Book your perfect treehouse retreat today and experience the luxury of our Sunridge Treehouse.

Please explore the
booking calendar at the bottom of this page (below all of the images) for pricing and availability. For any enquiries or assistance, don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

Click the 'CONTACT US' button for email booking enquiries, phone/WhatsApp, and direct access to our social media links. Click on the BOOK button to view ALL of the main calendars on a single page. Your perfect retreat awaits, just a click away!

Sunridge Treehouse balcony overlooking the snow-covered countryside
Treehouse balcony views in the snow
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Nighttime view of treehouse upper deck in Devon.
Modern bathroom interior in Devon treehouse with a sleek shower.
Daytime overlook from the treehouse
Luxurious ensuite bedroom within the Devon treehouse.
Warm and cozy ensuite bedroom in a Devon treehouse retreat.
Well-equipped kitchen inside the Devon treehouse.
Intimate cinema experience in treehouse
Panoramic view of the treehouse
Mood lit upper deck of the treehouse, perfect for peaceful relaxation.
Intimate lower deck of the treehouse, embraced by Devon
Plush bedroom interiors inside the treehouse, capturing the essence of luxury amidst nature.
Atmospheric night view of the treehouse kitchen, bathed in soft mood lighting, creating a cosy ambiance.
Elegant treehouse kitchen illuminated by ambient mood lights, offering a warm and inviting nocturnal setting in Devon.
Treehouse kitchen seamlessly connecting to the upper deck through open bifolds, inviting the outdoors in.
sunridge treehouse exterior from the woods.


Located on the ground floor of the treehouse and affectionately known as the snuggery, is an intimate haven perfect for unwinding and indulging in some leisure time. Here, you'll find a blend of modern technology and old-fashioned fun, catering to a wide range of relaxation styles.

Equipped with a
4K Ultra HD 3D projector, the snuggery lets you enjoy your favourite films on a screen that, while generous, is set more intimately compared to our dedicated cinema room. For those who prefer broadcast entertainment, the projector is also Freeview-enabled in the SNUG.

Gaming enthusiasts can delve into the immersive worlds of the supplied
Xbox. But if you're seeking a break from the digital realm, a selection of classic board games awaits, perfect for a nostalgic evening with family or friends. And, if you wish to bring your own devices, there's a guest port on the Media amp to link them to the projector using an HDMI cable (Please bring one with you).

Plush, comfy sofas and armchairs add a touch of warmth to the space. Additionally, two single fold-out ottoman floor beds are available if needed. With the inclusion of a dining room table, the snuggery becomes a versatile space, accommodating everything from intimate meals to board game sessions, or offering extra sleeping space when hosting six guests.

As you relax, the snuggery's large windows frame enchanting views of the surrounding woodland. Complemented by atmospheric mood lighting, this room becomes a tranquil spot to appreciate the natural splendour of Devon, even if you’re just gazing out at the trees and wildlife.

Book your stay at
Sunridge Treehouse to experience this harmonious blend of luxury, relaxation, and entertainment in South Devon. Dive into a world where the old meets new, and each day offers a fresh adventure. Contact us now to secure your idyllic treehouse getaway.

Staircase leading to the cosy snug area of the treehouse, promising relaxation and comfort.
Treehouse snug adorned with plush cushions and ambient lighting, setting the mood for cinematic relaxation.
Elegant cinema snug corner in the treehouse, beckoning guests for a memorable film night in Devon.
Dimly lit cinema snug in the treehouse, encapsulating the essence of a private theatre amidst nature.
Upper deck of the treehouse, offering an elevated view amidst the treetops.


Tucked away amidst the lush canopy of the
Devon woodlands, the lower deck bar of our treehouse is the epitome of alfresco luxury. Seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern elegance, it’s a space where guests can revel in nature without compromising on comfort.

Nestle into our weatherproof sofa or take a spot at the sophisticated bar – every corner has been designed with relaxation in mind. The bar itself, bathed in the soft glow of mood lighting and neon bar lights, offers a touch of urban chic amidst the trees. It's a statement piece that sets the tone for memorable evenings.

While we set the stage with a complimentary bottle of bubbles, guests have the freedom to personalise their bar experience. Stock the bar as you wish and keep your favourites chilled in the dedicated drinks fridge. And for those who love their cocktails ice-cold, our top-tier ice machine is always at the ready.

Creating the right ambience is key, and our Bluetooth weatherproof speakers ensure that you can curate the perfect soundtrack for your evening. Whether it's the gentle lilt of jazz or the vibrant beats of modern pop, the music is sure to complement the serene woodland backdrop.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the woods, our lower deck bar promises an experience like no other. It's not just a bar; it's an oasis, inviting you to sip, relax, and immerse yourself in the beauty of
Sunridge Treehouse.

Make sure to book your stay at
Sunridge Treehouse and experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation in South Devon. Contact us now to book your perfect treehouse getaway with a private cinema and games room.

Intimate evening setting at the lower deck bar, enhanced by ambient lighting and forest sounds.
Sun-drenched lower deck bar of the treehouse, inviting daytime relaxation in Devon.
Lower deck bar set against a backdrop of serene woods, perfect for daytime gatherings.
Elegant design details of the treehouse
Nocturnal elegance captured at the treehouse
Starry night sky complementing the enchanted mood of the treehouse
Panoramic daytime view of the treehouse
Daytime ambiance at the treehouse lower deck bar, showcasing rustic charm and modern amenities.


Nestled in the midst of lush woodland,
Sunridge Treehouse offers the ultimate luxury getaway for those seeking peace and tranquillity. And the crowning glory of this secluded retreat is undoubtedly the private hot tub. As the sun sets over the trees, the bubbling water transforms into a glowing oasis of relaxation. With numerous individual jets, adjustable temperature control and bespoke mood lighting, it's a pampering experience like no other. This indulgent hot tub is reserved exclusively for our guests, ensuring complete privacy and seclusion. To help maintain the quality of our Sunridge guest towels, we kindly request that you bring your own (old) towels for use in the hot tub.

mood lit treehouse hot tub at night in devon
Front view of the elegant treehouse in Devon, complete with a steaming hot tub ready for relaxation.
Lavish treehouse facade with a modern hot tub, blending luxury with nature.
treehouse hot tub in the snow
Sunlit front aspect of the treehouse, capturing the glistening waters of the hot tub.
View of the treehouse hot tub through the blinds.


At Sunridge Treehouse, we've dedicated a special nook for true movie enthusiasts. Within our sanctuary of relaxation, discover a cinematic hideaway that promises an experience like no other.

While our snug offers a relaxed and intimate viewing experience, the treehouse
Cinema Room is the piece de resistance for dedicated cinephiles. Dominating the space is an expansive 5-metre screen, onto which a state-of-the-art laser projector casts images in unparalleled clarity. For those who crave the third dimension, a 4K 3D projector adds depth to your favourite films and transports you right into the heart of the action. With an array of movies provided through our Blu-ray player, you're truly spoilt for choice. Yet, should you wish for something specific, the world of streaming is at your fingertips, ready to bring your favourite shows and films directly to the screen. Should you desire to connect your own devices, the cinema room is equipped with a guest port on the Media amp. This allows for seamless integration with the projector — just remember to bring your HDMI cable.

The experience is further enhanced by
Dolby Atmosphere sound, emanating from precision in-wall speakers, wrapping you in a cocoon of crystal-clear audio. Whether it's the gentle whispers of a romantic drama or the roaring action of a blockbuster, you’ll feel every nuance.

Comfort is paramount in the
Cinema Room. Sink into plush sofas, thoughtfully positioned on split levels ensuring an uninterrupted view of the screen. A mood-lit wall, adorned with classic movie posters, sets the scene for film nights, while the scent of natural pallet wood cladding enriches the ambience.

A handy fridge ensures that cool drinks and snacks are always within reach and a small bar table stands ready, accompanied by two plush chairs and a convenient coffee pod machine.

Gaming enthusiasts aren’t left out either; with an Xbox console offering a curated selection of games and a retro arcade machine housing thousands of classics like Pac-Man, there's entertainment for every taste.

It’s not just a room; it's a journey into the world of films and games, all framed within a space that celebrates impeccable design and the rustic charm of Devon.

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Luxuriously designed cinema room, complete with plush seating and ambient lighting.
Modern cinema room equipped with high-end projection technology for an immersive viewing experience.
ntimate cinema nook, perfect for movie marathons and cosy film nights in Devon.
Spacious cinema room inside the treehouse, inviting guests for a memorable cinematic retreat.


Stay fit during your treehouse escape with our mini-equipped gym. Harness strength and flexibility with the BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer, complete with dual 200lbs weight stacks and all essential attachments. For effective, low-impact cardio, our Bowflex cross trainer offers dynamic HIIT sessions. Target those arm muscles using the Body Solid bicep and tricep machine, or choose from a range of Bowflex adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells for a tailored workout. And when the intensity rises, a Dyson fan ensures you remain cool and refreshed.

Compact gym setup at the treehouse with BodyCraft HFT Functional Trainer.
Adjustable weighted Bowflex dumbbells and kettlebell collection for strength training at the treehouse.
Low-impact cardio workouts with the Bowflex cross trainer in a serene treehouse setting.


Perched in the midst of a lovely private woodland, Sunridge Treehouse offers a peaceful retreat with only the company of wildlife such as birds, badgers, foxes, and squirrels (typical denizens of an English woodland). We can assure you that all of them are well-behaved, except for one rather anti-social squirrel who we're assured will soon be moving out of the area.

The Treehouse, shaded by the surrounding woodland, provides an enchanting view of the private fishing lake below, which glints enticingly through the trees. Whether you want to relax on the deck with your laptop (although we do hope you're not working - this is your holiday after all!) or head down to the lake for a private fishing lesson with one of our friendly local fishermen (we also have a couple of unfriendly ones if that's more your style), Sunridge Treehouse is the perfect rejuvenating retreat that your doctor would recommend.

Picturesque front view of the treehouse nestled amidst Devon
Panoramic shot of the treehouse
sunridge retreats private fishing lake in Devon, UK


Looking for an idyllic stay in a UK treehouse surrounded by the most enchanting elements of the natural world seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge technology and comfort? Then Sunridge Treehouse in Devon is just what you need. Here, you won't find crowded hotels, try-hard holidaymakers or tacky tourist hotspots. Instead, you'll find yourself surrounded by a stunning natural environment and a state-of-the-art treehouse retreat with an elevated deck and bubbling hot tub, perfect for you and your loved ones. Additionally, you can indulge in a range of exciting outdoor activities such as fishing, walking, cycling, or horse-riding.

Located in the
beautiful heart of Devon, Sunridge Treehouse is close to numerous local beauty spots including the Salcombe coast and Dartmoor National Park. Contact us to book your stay at Sunridge Treehouse or scroll down to see our prices and availability.

Modern finishes and fixtures complement the rustic charm of the treehouse
Warm and inviting ensuite bedroom in the treehouse, blending comfort with nature.
"Panoramic shot of the treehouse
Devon treehouse lower deck barbi area.
Architectural marvel of the treehouse
Mood lit upper treehouse deck area loooking into window
Spacious kitchen layout, perfect for whipping up gourmet meals amidst the trees.
Detailed shot of the high-end tech amenities in

The weekly rental ranges from £3495 to £4995 per week, depending on the season. Short breaks are available from £500 per night depending on numbers (with a min of 3 nights, especially weekends).

Peak periods including bank & school holidays are a week minimum but feel free to
EMAIL US with any dates you are considering. In some periods it can work out cheaper to take a week's stay.

All prices include your own private treehouse hot tub and access to the shared fishing lake area.



Arrival time
at Sunridge Retreats is typically from 4pm onwards, and checkout is at 10am. On occasion we can adjust these times if there is a gap before or after your stay, providing you with additional flexibility.

The fishing lake is exclusive to our Sunridge guests (not open to the public) and shared with our SUNRIDGE TREEHOUSE, SUNRIDGE LODGE & SUNRIDGE GEODOME guests.

All Sunridge Tree House bookings include the use of the
private woodland Hot Tub.

*Week breaks are usually from Sat to Sat but this can sometimes be flexible depending on bookings.

Payment Terms:

30% deposit to secure booking.
Full balance to be paid 8 weeks prior to the date of the commencement of your holiday.

Check out our latest
THINGS TO DO to see what's going on around Sunridge Treehouse.


Please Note:

While Sunridge Treehouse is currently fully booked for the foreseeable future, we invite you to explore our other delightful retreats, such as the
Lodge, CUBES, EcoPod, and Geodome. Each offers a unique and enchanting experience, and we're confident you'll find an equally wonderful option for your stay.

Visit the
BOOK section to view the group bookable availability calendar for each retreat. Alternatively, each retreat has a convenient bookable payment calendar at the bottom of their respective pages!

For general enquiries, please

Seasonal view of the treehouse front, showcasing its year-round appeal in the Devon woods.
Twinkling fairy lights illuminating the upper deck, casting a magical glow over the treehouse

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